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Finished installing the latest additions to my AV setup yesterday afternoon (Denon 2802 Receiver and iScan Pro) and settled down to watch Scorpion King R2 on my Panasonic AE100 projector with the DTS soundtrack selected.

Unfourtunately I started to get Lip Sync problems. The sound was arriving a split second before the lip movement. I tried pausing/unpausing and restarting the film with no joy.

I first suspected some delay in the video due to the Component Video now going via the 2802 and iScan but when I restarted the film using Dolby Digital the lip sync problem went away.

I tried a R1 disc with DTS (Coyote Ugly) and it appears to be fine.

Do you think I have a bad Scorpian King disk or something else?


i have never noticed lip sync till i rented scorpion king for block buster i could not even get through the whole film
so maybe its a bad dvd
lets hope


Theres no doubt that the iScan can introduce lip sync errors due to the de-interlacing but I use one with a plasma panel without any problems at all. The only time I get lip sync errors is from poor source material. Ive read somewhere that on DVD there are a number of "sync flags" that the player uses to ensure that video and audio are in time, when there aren't enough on the disc it can go a bit wayward. Ive experienced it on a few DVD's, Fast & the Furious springs to mind so I guess youv'e just found another one in the Scorpian King.


Its the dvd mate, I have the exact problem and tried the dvd on various setups etc.


Thanks for that, I can sleep again now ;)

I can't think of anything worse than having spent a wad of cash only for things to appear worse then when you started!


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