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Possible Broken Power Jack - Samsung R530 Laptop


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So i seem to have an issue that repeats itself every so often.

Power pack adapter becomes useless due to stress to the cable, but replacement and the same thing happens.

I realize that I need to sort a proper solution, ie, better located plugs but living here in Spain they dont think plug sockets are too important and only have a couple dotted around large room.

I have taken it in to be repaired but how durable are these DC jacks?


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I have a similar issue with the External HDD cases - both the odd USB and DC Power connectors are somewhat easy to stress.
My solution is to attach an aluminium plate about 3" /75mm wide bent at 90 deg. so it can screw onto one of the removable plates - the bent portion is 2" /50mm away and has two filed slots - with rubber grommets ( with a cut each ). This allows the existing cables to be assembled via this support-plate and the rubber grommets prevents any cutting into the cables ( but so will filing edges smooth ).
Whilst this may seem excessive, it provides plenty of support for the cables since the rubber grommets should be just tight enough to grip the cable ( Hint: start with the hole too small, using a piece of cable similar size as guide ). The grommet and plate need their cuts to avoid having to re-solder the connectors - if/when you need to change the cable(s)
If you can get a replacement plug [ Maplin UK, has been suggested.], then you can thread the cable through first, before soldering - but it is "probably" far easier to make it removable, by introducing the cuts.
My DC power connector is similar to the small Keyboard connector ( "Micro PS2?") - which it self was pretty dire, from an engineered viewpoint - as are HDMI - putting a great strain on the connector instead of the panel that supports it..... Pity we lost VGA (with screw-security), to history.

If the grommets are further away from the plug-plane, then the stability will be increased - but I think anything over 3" /75mm is going to be increasingly ugly.
Make sure all edges are filed smooth and corners rounded - if you have to get someone to make it, test-design with folded card and then specify 1.6mm aluminium thickness. Care! where it attaches to the HDD caddy - make sure there is clearance, so the screws don't touch anything.

What is surprising is that you can't buy this cable-holder at the same time you buy the Caddy - since any jerking of the connector could spoil a data-transfer . . . . which is the whole purpose of the ext. HDD.

Hope that helps.

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