Possible 360 Release List


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Halo 3 is on there :eek: :D


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could get expensive this christmas


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Are you saying ALL these (possible) titles will available at launch?


That looks like the list from the official xbox 360 magazine. The list actually had anticipated release dates to the right which seems to have been missed off. The vast majority had first quarter 2006, 2nd quarter 2006 etc etc


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That list looks far too big for launch releases. I imagine it's a list of titles expected in Year 1.


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AML said:
Are you saying ALL these (possible) titles will available at launch?
I'm not saying anything. i just find it, i just post it :)


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list just looks like the games in development at the moment for the USA/European continent's. i dont count asia as if they want to make it big there then that list will have to have alot more games that will cater for the market. it definatly isnt a launch list as titles like gaylo 3, Splinter Cell 4 & Ninja Gaiden 2 wont be seen for some time


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Afterburner, interesting!! A next gen remake of the classic coin op - here's hoping!

Deffo not a launch release list though - more a list of confirmed titles to be released over the next year or so as Halo 3 & Gears of War are 100% not launch titles.

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