Possibilities awaiting me with Media Centre...

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So our old Dell finally crapped out on us. I tried to tell my dad that getting a cheap second hand one to tie us over until Vista might be advisable (since no-one else in my family apart from myself ever would push the processor past 50% I reckon), but no, he's gone and got seduced by Dell's deals, and we now have a nice Dual 3.4 machine for me... I mean, US, to play with.

Best of all, it has MC!

Joy! I can finally put all the movies we have onto the hard drive and actually stream them to my 360! Ah... its a good feels.

Quick few questions/advice though.

A) Two 360's can hook up to this one machine no problem right?

B) I'm actually planning to get a Mac laptop for uni in a years time (gotta save up for a gap year first), and I plan on taking my 360 with me. I don't think I could bear losing the Media Centre functions, so I'm going to have to get Media Centre running somehow. Is the best bet a server? Leave it in my room next to the 360 I mean? I know with Boot Camp or whatever they will have by then will let me run it off my Macbook (Pro maybe?), but then it makes more sense to have the server stationary right? I'm sure networking between the sever and the Mac won't be a problem, I just want people to give feedback on their solutions...

C) Finally, and this is the BIG one...

I know you can put a whole bunch of programs onto Media Centre, to give you basically a shed load of functionality. Anyone got any particular favs? The 'must haves'?
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