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Jun 28, 2003
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Hadleigh, Essex
Hmmm, watching Confidence tonight and the player turned itself off, no warning just went into standby. It turned on again via the remote but hadnt remembered where it was on the disc, it just started from scratch.

I thought I'd sat on the remote or something at first but it happened 4 times at various intervals :(

I havent had a chance to see if its only on that disc but I can't think how it can be the disc rather than the player.

Any ideas?
I had exactly the same problem with the same disc with my HK25. It has never happened again with any other disc. It must be the disc

Weird huh? :confused:

Anybody else with a 25 or 2550 had probs playing Confidence?
Your post caught me eye because my HK2550 just arrived today (from Play). I understood the 2550 was prog scan in PAL & NTSC but the manual states NTSC only. Can you enlighten me?


When the player was first launched, it was launched as NTSC Prog scan only, before Pal prog scan was official I think. Since Pal Prog scan became official, firmware upgrades have existed for this player.

Usually when you by from a dealer it will already be advertised as Pal PS capable. (I presume this is one of the reasons you bought this player?) If so, the firmware upgrade will have already been done by the dealer. It will normally enable MR at the same time.

In the unlikely event that the upgrade has not already been done, return the unit to the supplier if you believe it should have been. If not, you can down load it easily enough. For this do a search on this site under "DVD25 firmware" or similar, loads of info.

Finally going back to the original point, because the player was first launched as NTSC Prog scan only, that is the way the manual stayed. It may be because, as I mentioned, the firmware upgrade enables MR as well, which HK would not be party to, or it may be that they couldn't be bothered to reprint. I'd guess the later.


Nice one Croc; it was advertised as MR & you're right, I bought it for its PAL prog scan abilities (although I don't think with was stated in the description). Hope to hook it up tomorrow & test it out. Good to know a firmware upgrade exists; thanks for the info.

I watched 2 films tonight with no problems so out of interest I put Confidence back on. It got 10mins into the film and sure enough it just turned off.

How bizarre is that.

I've left it playing to itself on my Tosh 220e (rigged up to the tv rather than the pj) and its been on for 40 mins no bother.

Odd :(
Referring to the PPS upgrade:

It's officially available at the H/K website from now on:


Here's the description (it's both for the DVD 25 and 2550):

Harman Kardon has released PAL Progressive Scan Video Output for the DVD 25. In case you have a progressive scan compatible video device connected to your DVD 25 and you would like to update your DVD 25 with this functionality, please follow the instructions below:
1. unzip the two .bin files: hkdvd25.bin et dvd25_2.bin,
2. burn the files on a CD-rom in a folder: \hk_dvd25, using the x1 copy speed
3. insert the CD-rom in the DVD player,
4. follow the indications: press "up",
5. wait for the software to be loaded until the unit goes into standby,
6 press and hold the “clear” button on the remote control until the unit switches on, and take out the CD-rom

Besides the update for PAL progressive scan video output, the software update also improves the handling of different camera angles available on certain discs.

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