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Positioning of surround backs in awkward room?


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Hi all

Just planning my new living room setup, but the room is causing a few issues in terms of speaker placement. The fronts are fine, the side surrounds are fine, but the surround backs are causing me more than one headache!

I was originally planning on installing them in the ceiling, but I've been advised not to touch the ceiling as I risk having to replace it (it's an old house, and the ceiling is wallpapered...not a good sign :rolleyes: ).

To get straight to the point, if I installed them on the wall behind the listening position, how close do they need to be and what location? I know the answers lie on the Dolby website etc, but this isn't feasible. Directly behind the sofa is a large bay window, which extends across 50% of the back wall - which basically means I need to mount the surround backs on the small sections of wall either side of this. Ultimately, this means that the surround backs will be behind the listener, but just to each side of the sofa. In addition, the sofa itself will be very close to this back walls so you'll almost be on top of the speakers.

The speakers in question are PMC Wafer1s, and they do have a "beam down" switch which may come in useful, however even with this, I'm wondering if it's even worth going 7.1 in this room as my understand was that surround backs had to be directly behind the listener and pretty much centred on the wall?

Not sure if any of this makes sense, but any advice would be appreciated :)


Bald Monkey

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I'd stick with 5.1 :D

I agree with your understanding that rear surrounds should be well behind the listener and more central than you can do here. And with so few movies being avaliable in 7.1 I don't think you'll be missing out on a lot. The M&K Tripole speakers are great for still filling the gap between them and behind your head despite being positioned to either side. although I'm not sure how well that will work with a window void behind you? Can you not brick it up! :D


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Thanks, any other views? :)

Are there any receivers/processors out there that offer anything like Lexicon's old Logic7?


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There's absolutely no point using surround backs when there is a foot of space behind you.

Can you put bi-pole or di-pole surrounds on the rear or side walls about 3 feet above the sofa?

Wafer1 monopoles are going on the sides. As much as I like Tripoles I want to keep the speakers consistent, and to be honest I quite like monopoles for effects :)

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