Porting from O2 and back again, via another network?


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There are a few threads on similar topics, but they're a bit old and I know how some people hate old threads being resurrected.

I want to move a mobile number which technically belongs to my wife, to me.

My memory's a bit hazy as it was a year ago, but I'm sure I migrated the same mobile number from an O2 contract in my name, to another O2 contract in my wife's name previously. It involved a prolonged phone call, in which we both confirmed details, etc, but it was done. However, I now want to do the same again and have been told I can't.

I've had to cancel my wife's contract and get a PAC. So my plan is to use that PAC to get the phone number away from O2 to a PAYG SIM on another network. Then, get a 2nd PAC and port the phone number back to an O2 account in my name. With me so far?

My question is, are there any PAYG SIMs out there that are good for this? In some old threads I read Virgin or Orange might be better.

Ideally, the PAYG SIM shouldn't cost me anything to purchase or add credit to to allow the process.

I'm hoping by the time I have the 2nd PAC that the phone number won't be associated with my wife and I can use it on my new O2 contract.
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The Orange rep said on MSE a while back that you could port into Orange in the morning and ask for your pac in the afternoon !!
Personally, I've leave it a couple of days and then tell them you have no signal, they can't argue with that!

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