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Portal 2 £35 Trade in @ HMV + Next Week Brink


Active Member
Hi, long time no post thought I'd share this.

Due to their trade in deals Portal 2 and Lego Clone Wars are trading for £35 credit in HMV, I traded my Portal (after I activated my steam copy :devil:) so that makes LA Noire £4.99 plus you also get the Blu Ray LA Confidential.

You dont have to take up the trade in deal for this price £35 is the standard trade in price.

Especially good if anyone got in on the Motorstorm + £4.99 Portal deal.

The LA Noire deal from Friday involves trading Brink, meaning that Brink should also trade in at £35 from Friday


Distinguished Member
think its since been confirmed though

Bargain if you can get Portal 2 in that swap and nick the Steam version


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Thanks op have traded in portal 2 today for this preorder. Not bad given i bought it for £33, played & completed it then traded it a profit :)


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Thats a belting deal :D

Bought the PS3 version cos i figured i'd platinum it on PS3 and trade it in, whilst still having the PC/Steam version which was the version i really wanted.
Mate paid £30 on steam, i paid £35 from game (triple reward pts too) and now traded it in to get LA Noire, which i was going to rent from LoveFilm asap. So for £10 i've still got my steam Portal 2, a BD of LA Conf, and a game ive been struggling to resist not buying.
Coupled with the fact that it should have a strong trade-in value, i should be able to sell/trade it in a months time for a decent value (although if they release free DLC like RDR...).

Havent platinum'd it though, although i completed the co-op game all on my own :D But i'll rent it and finish it maybe.


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DLC has already been confirmed...not sure if free though


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Don't forget the Portal trade price ends tonight. I cant see them keeping it at £35, probably down to about £25


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can anyone confirm if brink can be traded in for la noire ?

I can :smashin:

I just picked up L.A. Noire for £39.99 but got £35 for Brink plus a Tommy Gun DLC code and L.A. Confidential on Blu Ray (not that I have a player mind)

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