Portable speaker for outdoor wedding


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My cousin is getting married in a month, just before the proposed removal of final restrictions. As such no music is allowed to be played indoors and no dancing and such.

However, the location is in the middle of nowhere using old farm buildings. One building is a barn without walls. The venue has checked with the local council and it counts as an outdoor space where music is allowed to be played.

So I am looking at what portable speaker would be best. Unsure of budget at the moment so let's just look at recommendations both up to £200 and also over so I have a budget category and expensive category

Needs to produce a decent and fairly loud sound to work over the 60 guests. No power so battery only, decent battery life. Bluetooth or dock

So far I'm leaning towards the JBL charge 5 and the Sonos roam

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We use one of these for friends garden parties

Amazon product
Plenty loud enough. Battery last around 4 - 5 hours. Stream Spotify from a smart phone and you have a mobile party. Pair of mics great for parties and weddings speeches. Sound quality is better than expected. Pretty rugged and comes with a remote. Its a party in a box, just add music.

It will also take a 12v external power supply, so maybe for a wedding you could take a car battery to provide aux power for extended use.

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