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Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by bacs, Sep 23, 2004.

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    I want to build an external power supply to charge my Finepix 6800Z away from home.

    I will use 4x 1.5v AAA batteries connected to the 5v (2amp) power input socket on the camera. This will, I hope, charge the internal rechargeable battery whilst away from the heavy mains charging unit.

    The manual, of course, warns against using any accessory not sold by Fuji for this camera.

    Is this likely to damage the internal reachargeable battery?
    Is this likely to damage the camera itself?
    I assume that this misdemeaner will not be of sufficient scope to awaken the Fuji Digital Camera wrong-use-of-equipment police.

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    I did something similar to charge a CD mp3 player. It had a lithium internal battery (3.7v) and I charged it from 4 x 1.2V rechargeables. The player was a pile of junk really so ruining it was not a worry.

    I don't know your camera so the only comments I would make on your idea are...

    Its your camera so you decide on what to do with it.(including destroying it!)

    1.5V AAA means disposable as NiMh and NiCd are all 1.2V. One set is unlikely to have the capacity to recharge the battery fully. Allowing for losses even AA may not do it. Digital cameras use a surprisingly large amount of power.

    If the camera has a DC in socket it may not have the necessary charge control electronics built in.....that could be in the charger only. In which case it will just operate off the DC input and not charge the battery.

    In your situation I would look on ebay for a battery seller. Just buy some more for backup and put them in your pocket. I have bought from hong kong based sellers and the batteries were unbelievably cheap and better than the originals.

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