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    I've searched for the web address in this forum to see if you people know about this already and I didn't get a return so I'll tell you anyway.

    You can now hire a portable DVD player and DVDs at Euston or Manc Pic for your train journey or just collect it and take it away in the car for the weekend.

    Prices are £8.99 for a one way trip between the two stations or £9.99 for one day rental. There's a Fri-Mon for £20 as well. Discs are £3.50 each if you need them.

    You go to www.rocket-films.com and book one then turn up at Left Luggage on the day and collect it.

    I'm looking to purchase a portable player and saw this advert so thought it would be a good way of testing a player first.

    From the picture it looks like their players are Cyberhomes or clones. I'm picking one up in the morning to try it out.

    Will let people know if the service is much cop. Don't know if you can hire extra batteries though otherwise after 2.5 hours of your trip you're screwed if you don't have a place or the time to recharge it. Think virgin trains have got plug sockets on some of their trains now though.



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