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I currently have the JVC RV-NB10
JVC RV-NB 10 Silver Portable Stereo: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

I use it for playing CD's on a saturday night in work when the store is closed (Tesco's) Its a really good system its loud and the sound and subwoofers are quality,Only problem is 1 of the speakers has stopped working :( So im now on the hunt for a new one, They no longer make the RV-NB10 anymore its been replaced with a smaller version which also has an ipod dock
JVC RV-NB50B CD Portable Boomblaster with Integrated: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

The power output on that is lower than the one i have
NB10 = 60W, NB50 = 40W
so im guessing it wont be as loud? But There dosent seem to be any other "boomboxes" out there so im limited for choice!

I have thought about going down the ipod dock only route but i like a good old CD player!

Any suggestions?


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It would appear that boomboxes are out of favour replaced by Ipod docks.
Panasonic list some on their website but not sure any high street retailer stocks them apart from Panasonic shops.
The Sony and Philips ones are more low end and wouldn't give you the sort of sound you are looking for.
The only option I can think of is a micro system if battery power is not an issue.


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You could possibly try an XMI X-mini II speaker hooked up to an mp3 player (or a discman if you really must play CDs). Not sure if it will be loud enough to fill a Tesco but it's tiny and only costs £13 on Amazon. If you like it, you could buy more to get more volume. Sometimes the price drops to £11 on Amazon too.

I bought one as a punt when they were £11 and have since got another (for £11 too once that price came around again) because I was impressed by it.


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I know this thread is old.

Did you find anything in the end, Liam? I'm in the same situation. I have a Panasonic CD/FM/tape portable unit that sounds great but the controls are starting to get iffy. Panasonic no longer make these. The Sony offerings sound poor in comparison. The JVCX Boombox is just plain ugly. And, like you, I don't really want a micro-system. CD and FM (with presets) are a must.


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Realise it's an old thread, but hope the OP realises employer needs a PPL and/or PRS licence ....
A what?!

No never bought a new boombox still got my JVC but its struggling big time, it's already been in for repairs once because a speaker went, but now the volume seems to have dipped but all speakers are still working!

Been considering getting a mini hi-fi system as really with speakers they are no bigger combined than my JVC which is more of an atomic bomb than a boombox!

looking at the Sony CMTBX77DBI Mini Hi-Fi with iPod Dock: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

its got what i need, ipod/iphone connection and a cd player and ive actually heard one of these and they dont sound too bad! But if anyone else has any suggestions im happy to listen, Budget is max £200! :smashin:

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