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Hi all,

Does it matter where a port is placed? Meaning is it better to port the back , the front? I would like to port the front but not sure if that affects anything.

Hi go5

If you are talking about making your own reflex loudspeaker or subwoofer (a wild guess) then porting the back of the box will probably increase the bass but make the speaker more room sensitive. It will tend to produce boomy bass in comparison with front ported boxes when placed near corners or close to a wall. A wall, particularly two walls forming a corner, amplify bass frequencies.

If you port the front of the box you will probably get a smoother, though lower level bass and a less room sensitive speaker. Which can be put tight against the wall to aid bass reproduction without boom. This will also make the speaker less obvious to wives, girlfriends, mothers and partners.

It all depends on the size of the box and the size of the speaker drive unit. Obviously smaller drivers and boxes don't produce enough bass to produce a lot of boom anyway. While a large box will almost certainly produce a lot of boom in a small room. But is less likely to in a larger room.

There are so many variables that all this is only an indication of the possible bass response. There are no hard and fast rules. Nobody should read into this that their speakers are inferior as a result of any of the above. Nor are they superior just because they have front ports.

Another point is not to point the internal end of the port at the drive unit cone if you back port your box. This will tend to carry higher frequencies down the port which muddle the sound. Try and choose a place well away from the drive unit if you can.

If this wasn't the information you were asking for (or even hoping for) then please forget I ever said any of this. ;)


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