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I've got some Elac Debut 5.2 and the bass is a little on the heavier side and positioning isn't ideal. I've tried muffling the ports a little at the front and thought it sounded a little better or was it a placebo? Do you really ever need to port front facing speakers?


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Port bungs reduce the efficiency and hence low frequency extension of any speaker, so whether front or rear ported, the effect will be much the same..

If you are happier with the sound, that's a win and go with it!!


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I seal my speakers.
I used this excel program, reducing my room modes from +12db to +3db
Wall bounce sbir clalculator


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I set my listening position with this as a guide
Then I input 30deg and listening position into wall bounce calculator and play with variable.
Then I toe in to suit sybalence/treble.
And vary damping/soft furnishings in room.


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Oh and i also use room eq


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Ported speakers are relatively flat down to the Port Tuning Frequency of the cabinet. When they reach that frequency, they drop pretty quickly. When you plug the port, it simply starts to roll-off early, but it rolls off very slowly.

If placement is causes a peak in the bass response, then plugging the Port can soften this peak. So, you are not depriving yourself of Bass, you are softening an excess of Bass that can cause the Mid/High to become recessed and muddy.



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Most, if not all, ported speakers emit/leak some midrange through the port. This emission is at a low-ish level yet, theoretically, still audible (depends on speaker design) and will be time delayed, probably out-of-phase too. In other words, it's an unwanted midrange output. Blocking the port completely or partially (i.e. stuffing the port with loose fibre etc) will likely reduce or eliminate this 'leaking' midrange output.

Only the listener can decide how subjectively significant (and objectional?) this midrange leakage is, but it is frequently measured and found to be present during thorough objective testing of ported speakers.

I suspect, in most cases, the change in low frequency response of the speaker will be more significant than the change in midrange quality when ports are blocked.

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