Port 3 on Barco Graphics 808s

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Tim Cooper

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I'm trying to find a wife friendly solution so she can watch sky & dvd's without switching on the HCPC, my mate lent me his Iscan pro to see if would work, alas it does not, i connected it to port 3 on my PJ only the blue & green work, i suspect that the port is VGA only enabled.
Anyone got any ideas how to connect both the HCPC & the Iscan Pro to port 4, connecting the HCPC to port 3 would be a way but requires major upheaval i don't want to do that, would a Barco switching box be the way to go? or would i lose quality by having another piece of kit connected in the signal path.
Any help app'd

Paul D

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Tim, the pin wiring on Barco's port 3 is different to a standard VGA lead.
I got hold of Barco's pin wiring layout and soldered a new nine pin plug on the end. I used a VGA to 5 BNC lead and just cut the BNC's off the end.
Roland or Gordon should be able to get you a new VGA to "Barco-VGA" lead made up if need one.

Hope this helps...:)

Roland @ B4

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Barco Port 3 Pin outs were a not standard
Straight from the manual

RGB analog input with automatic sync detection. (Separate H and
V sync inputs, with composite sync input or with sync signals on
Pin configuration D9 connector of the Analog input.

1 not connected
2 ground RGBS
6 ground RGBS
7 ground RGBS
8 Hor/comp. sync
9 Vert. sync

Analog Input Selection :
with the RCU or build in RCU, press digit button 3.
15 way D-type in a 9-way shell

VGA connections for completeness

Pin 1 Red (0 - 0.7V)
Pin 2 Green (0 - 0.7V)
Pin 3 Blue (0 - 0.7V)
Pin 4 N/C
Pin 5 Digital Ground
Pin 6 Red Return (Analog Ground)
Pin 7 Green Return (Analog Ground)
Pin 8 Blue Return (Analog Ground)
Pin 9 N/C
Pin 10 Digital Ground
Pin 11 N/C
Pin 12 N/C
Pin 13 Horizontal Sync (TTL)
Pin 14 Vertical Sync (TTL)
Pin 15 N/C

Tim Cooper

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Thanks for input chaps.

I'll let you know if i make a dogs dinner of this lead :blush:

Roland @ B4

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Originally posted by Tim Cooper
Thanks for input chaps.

I think you'll find the VGA connector is an output :devil: :rolleyes:
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