Popstars - The Rivals.....

Too much, too soon, totally not interested in going through all that again, Hearsay are a non-event, Liberty X slightly better.
A new boy band, a new girl band, head to head to be first to a Number One single, how presumptuous, sadly how inevitable......


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..............how crap! We are currently being bombarded by PopStars over here. All girls though, which is the only good thing.:)

Ian J

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Originally posted by gringottsdirect
sadly how inevitable......

that it will generate loads of excitement on the forum obscuring anything of real interest.


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I'm Really excited about it, it's about time we had more quality programming of this nature on TV.;) :rolleyes:

Drunken Master

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Mrs Drunken Master is looking forward to it that just somes up the market that this ***** is aimed at

Ian J

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Originally posted by Drunken Master
Mrs Drunken Master is looking forward to it, that just sums up the market that this ***** is aimed at

You obviously have a high opinion of your wife :)
The filling in a Cilla sandwich, ITV has definitely lost the plot, two lots of the toothed Ginger pensioner too many.
Give Lindsey one for her singing, full score for looks.
Anybody watching, or is it totally naff ?
Now the boy band is chosen, they look like a complete bunch of no-hopers, the girl band will be the same.
It would be more interesting if they each had to write a song and play an instrument, looking attractive and nifty dancing won't cut it these days.
Surely this is the last gasp of this market.

Squirrel God

Had no interest in PSTR either.

I like Fame Academy though - particularly the live stuff on BBCi. Better than Big Brother :)

General Skanky

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Pop Stars! Just about bearable.

But Fame Academy!!!!!:mad: I'm sorry, but Ainslie cannot sing a note. It's ridiculous. He only got through because he threw himself around the stage. A true visual artist.:)

BTW, I only watch them because she likes them. I 'have' to sit through it, hence can't avoid getting angry.:rolleyes:


Cheryl Tweedy though, who cares if she can sing or not?


Squirrel God

Skanky - Totally agree about Ainsley. In fact, based on the last set of performances, the only who can sing is the black guy.

Juboy - Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh :devil:
OK so here goes, sod the embarrassment, does anyone know where I can get hold of a recording of the Girls Aloud final performance on the television series?
Girls Aloud Number One.
One True Voice Number Two.
Cheeky Girls Number Three.

Truly the power of television advertising is alive and kicking.

The DVD and VHS are in Woolworths soon.

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