Popcorn V WD v Freecom


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Morning All :hiya:

Real newbie question here if you dont mind answering: :lease:

Looking for a media player to play divx/xvid/iso and Avi and music , not really that technical,just want to send stuff from PC and play on TV.
Getting a 1080 TV soon , not really bothered if its wireless or ethernet
Narrowed it down to
Popcorn A110
Western Digital TV HD media player
Freecom 450

Any advice on good or bad points, greatly appreciated



Popcorn all the way!

The WD TV is USB only (network capable with mods) so that's out of the running.

The Freecom doesn't play a lot of video and audio codecs out there that the Popcorn does.

If your getting a 1080p TV it probably won't be long before your using HD files, the Popcorn can pretty much play them all including files ripped directly from a Blu-ray disc. I have about 800 SD files and about 200 HD files on my server and all them play without fault.
The Popcorn also has decent firmware upgrades.
I bought a Popcorn myself after comparing it with WDC. You can mod the WDC box to add network support (via ethernet) but you will need (some) knowledge of computers for that.

Features wise, I believe they are both on par give or take. News is that Popcorn Hour gets updated more frequently though. However, they are both being developed aggresively, so new features should appear fairly quickly on both.

At the end of the day, for me it was down to;
a. Are you willing to spend about ~£150 more than WD, or
b. Are you willing to save on WD to put personal effort in to customise the WD box.

Whichever way you go, there will be some learning curve for sure.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do with your hard earned money!


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Bad time to buy, wait for reviews of the new realtek based devices, and the anouncement on the new Popcorn (due in 2 weeks).

But if you really have to choose, then PCH :)

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