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I still have and love my old Popcorn Hour player that at some point I need to upgrade (my model is still 1080P, but so is my projector in my theater so I haven't worried about it so far). That said, I can't find a copy of NMJ Toolbox 2 anywhere and after having reinstalled my OS recently and spending 3+ hours searching for it, I finally found an old copy on an old drive. There are updates available, but the update servers for them are no longer running.

Is there a new software replacement for NMJ Toolbox 2 that works just as well/better? Is Popcorn Hour dead? I know the creator of NMJToolbox2 stopped updating it, but it still worked great with my player. Considering my library is 10-15 years old and I never updated the file names to make sure they made sense, there is a mix of all types of file names that I wouldn't be able to decode without playing each individual one and getting to the title screen of the movie to see what it was!

Does anyone know where you can get the latest version of Toolbox2, or another software title that does the same thing for these boxes?


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There is a version of NMJ2 here that looks to be the last updated version of it.

But PCH scene is pretty much dead, the old NTM forums might know more.

The tool filebot can auto rename all your files to make them compatible modern media software (Plex, Emby, Kodi etc), that will make leaving the PCH/NMJ a lot more easy.

Even if Filebot cannot ID some of the movies it may make enough of a dent in the library that changing the remaining wont be so bad.

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