Popcorn Hour A400 does not download subs and movie art anymore


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Hello all,

I seem to have a strange problem lately with my PCH A400

All is working fine with playing movies, an the device is detected in my network.

When using the setup wizzard,it congratulates me with a working internet connection.

But when I want to download subs or movie artwork (also with new apps in the store) it says "this needs a internet connection"

Problem suddenly appeared, tried all the known resets, FW reinstalls, back to originasl, nothing seems to solve this.

Anyone encountered this too, or has the solution for this issue?


Sloppy Bob

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You can download subtitles separately on your PC/Mac from sites such as

You just need to name the subs identically to the file.

Your PCH-400 is getting a bit long in the tooth now though.


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I could have posted the same having experienced the same. I have a C-300 and a A-410 and using both I receive the same result updating the Jukebox database after having added new movies. I dare to repeat the message both boxes display when asked to update the jukebox database:
"Internet connection not available. Video tagging results may be incomplete"

I appreciate the firewall and IP address suggestions but because I experienced the same error at approx the same time (may/June), the cause for this error most likely lies buried in the NMJ source code. When the NMJ "Update" is activated at will try to access an internet address from a source that provides all the subs, fan-art and other needed info. One such source would be IMDB.com and it's IP address is likely hard coded in the NMJ app. IMDB's portal has significantly expanded and like other sources for such info want to preserve profit on the bottom line and therefore changed the IP address(es) where all this info our NMJ is looking for is buried - the NMJ counts on free, no-pay access but that most likely has changed and that's why the what was previously free responds with a "no connect". And due the significant changes of the IMdB portal things that our NMJ is looking for have been moved and relocated to places now unknown to the NMJ.

To fix this one has to a) find a free source for the info the NMJ looks for and it's IP address, and b) change the source code for the NMJ application to recognize the new source, or c) recode the app to recognize the new IP addresses for the information on the IMdB portal the NMJ is looking for should access be subscription free.

Unfortunately I am not able to disassemble the NMJ program back to source code and fix it but hope someone may eventually do that, let's all hope for that.

Appreciate if you followed me to this point ...

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