Popcorn Hour A110 transfer speeds


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Anyone using an A110 with a HDD - how do you transfer files and what sort of speeds do you attain? My FTP client tells me I'm getting 47.50mbs and it has taken the best part of two hours to transfer a 11gb MKV over to it - PC hardwired to router -> PCH hardwired to router. Is that typical? Is there a quicker way to transfer files i.e. from an external HDD/pen drive?


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I stream all my stuff to the A100 I have, so I don't know, but it sounds typical for a 100 Base-T network connection.

Is there a reason you want that file locally if you are hardwired?


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Ah, does it. That's OK then, I can live with it as long as I know.

Yeah, the PCH is semi-mobile and it's full of DVD rips I've done for the kids so I use a HDD for most and stream whatever TV shows we watch from the desktop machine - however, I do find that a MKV on the HDD plays better than a streaming one. Actually, better isn't the right word, I mean with no occasional freezes etc.
Once I get an MKV that freezes, the box needs a reboot to play it, or any others. Bloody nuisance, but there you go.

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