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I purchased Popcorn Hour A110 1TB HD. How do I get files onto this internal 1TB HD i.e music files, films etc.. I plug popcorn hour A110 1TB HD to my PC via USB port but for some reason the PC cannot locate this 1TB internal harddrive. A “H” drive appear but it’s empty and I cannot format it, clicking on it PC message is “Please Insert Disk”.

How do I format this internal 1TB drive so that the PC read it and I can put files onto it?


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Thanks for the reply.

I will now look for the EXT3 driver, any suggestion as to where I can download this?

My initial search on google found alot of EXT2...


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Search this forum for ext3.I put files on my popcorn using usb sticks or via my wireless network.
Have you updated the firmware on the popcorn ? download it from their forum and put it on a usb stick or instruct the popcorn to download it from the web (if connected to web).


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This was a pre installed 1TB HDD so I don;t think I need to do the firmware update.

I downloaded the EXT2 file and located IFS Drives...there are 3 drivers

Driver 1 I assumed is the pc own hard drive (200GB in total divided into parts

Parts 1 FAT (option of assigning letter)
Parts 2 is C drive NTFS 107GB
Parts 3 is D drive NTFS back up 37GB
Part 4 is FAT32 4.6GB (option of assigning letter)
All except Part 2 are primary partition .

Driver 2 is blank

Driver 3 is 931.5GB free space with the black line shading - there is no option to assign a letter to this which I assume is the PopCorn Hour.

what should I do?



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Plug in your ethernet connection and update the firmware.

Then install the software (samba, FTP) package by download.

It should be automatic.


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Thanks everyone for the tips...I have now locate the hardrive on the Popcorn...starting to load some files into it. I am sure there will be other issues such as ISO files...will no doubt be asking the community for help!



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I change the Audio/Video setting on the PCH, under Vidoe output I set the setting to 1080p 60Hz (previously setting was 1080i 60Hz) to try and see if the PCH play the ISO file. Now the screen is just black and there is no way of getting to the menu set up to change the setting back. I tried switching on off, resetting the PCH. Inittially it loading with the popcorn logo then just goes balck insteadof the blue screen menu.

I connect the PCH to sony tv via HDMI cable.

My tv is sony bravia 40inch...ot's not full HD so therefore should not be on the 1080p setting..

Please help!!!
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