Popcorn Hour A-410


Thanks, Rom,

I don't use NMJ2.

They're created date is months after I ripped the movie itself. And they have in fact all been created on the same date.

Safe to delete them I presume ?


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Sure, nfo files are not a requirement. The filebrowser only uses them if you take the info option on a file it will use it to display the info, if it does not exist it will re-create it.

Usually the only time people use nfo files are to override the information placed in a jukebox build (eg YAMJ, NMJ2 etc). They are not a requirement though.


Thanks again,

I don't know how they appeared. I'm not aware of consciously running a programme or tool that may have created them.

On another subject.

I'm on a Mac. And if I go to Finder, Diskstation (Synology), Movie Folder. I can then see the seperate movie folders along with the poster and fan art that I have changed. Can those fan art and poster files be merged with the .mkv movie file. So just copy them in ?


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I'm not sure what you mean. You say you have changes the artwork but don't use NMJ2? What jukebox do you use? depending on this would depend on whether you can move the artwork. You may find that if you move it then jukebox you use will not display the artwork as it is not where it expects.


I use the built in Jukebox.

If I change the poster or fanart, it creates another folder for that artwork.


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The built in jukebox usually always creates it's images in nmj_database/media/video/posters unless you already have your own art in the same folder as the movie (called exactly the same as the movie file) then it simply points to it. I have never known it create its own local folder and putting images in there. So, I'm not sure what to advise you with this.


Yes it does create its own poster and fanart. But if you edit/change either of these it creates a seperate .jpeg folder.


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I have never changed things within the NMJ so I have never seen this. I just use NMJToolbox2 to change all aspects of my database so I can't help you there. I would assume if you move the images they won't be used any more in the NMJ as it won't find them (there is an image path stored in the database telling the NMJ where to find the image for the movie).


Ok no problem, I was just wanting the movie folder to look a little tidier. Maybe I should upgrade to NMJ2 but I have a Mac and I think that's a problem.

Are you familiar with the App ?

The movie art on my App is all over the place. The art doesn't match the title on a lot of movies.


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Bit confusing in wording. NMJ2 is the jukebox app built into the A200,300 & 400's firmware. NMJToolbox2 is an editor for NMJ2. I am the programmer of NMJToolbox2 :) I probably know more than most about how the NMJ works and the structure of it but I know very little about editing within the NMJ as i just use NMJToolbox2 for everything; editing, scanning, changing details and even use it as the remote control. I made the scanner far more accurate and sophisticated than the one built into the NMJ which is why I never use the NMJ itself now.

Unfortunately NMJToolbox2 is written in C# .net so is windows only. There are some users that run it on a Mac using Parallels (and linux users use Wine) but I have never tried these methods (I don't even own a single apple product).


No problem, I'll just leave it as it is.



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Hey guys

Does anyone know if you connect a 2bay caddy to the USB that's not raid, was looking at this one Orico 9528U3 will it work on the A410 and see it as two separate disks.


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Hey guys, QUESTION:
How make NMJ recognise Playlists that have been created elsewhere.
More specificaly: I use MediaMonkey ; I have exported my PlayLists as .m3u.
Looked at the txt format and substituted to the Volume of each file the Vomume name of my Popcorn. NJM somehow finds the playlists but do NOT find any content .. I'm Puzzled.
WHere should I save my Playlists.
What is the recognised format for Playlist handled my NMJ ?
Thanks for your help


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How do I turn on the "watched movie" feature, I have to do it manually.
I thought that at one time it was automatic.



My 410 is having trouble playing a file.

I've ripped Sicario successfully and all looks good, until i come to play it. I press play and after a few seconds of searching for the file, the screen returns to the start.

I've reripped, rebooted, unplugged cables and done everything i can think of but haven't resolved the problem.

I'm using MKV and I've searched over on MakeMKV forums to see if there is a common problem but as far as i can see, there isn't a problem with this disc.

Is anyone else having problems with this disc ?


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I had something similar. Chkdsk - f - r is your solution
Basically disk or file corruption. Try storing the mkv on a different drive and see if you get the error. Make an extra copy of file in case it is a bad byte.


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Hi Dodge. You still need to check against disk corruption


I ripped the movie to a different drive and the same thing happens, it won't play. I press play, the little wheel comes up as it does on all movies, then it returns to the start screen.

I ripped one of the extras and that played ok. And i've tried two different discs.


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New beta with a lot of really good fixes and features

A-400, A-410 & A-410U] Beta 1 Firmware 05-08-160518-25-POP

Release date: 18 May 2016

Firmware version: 05-08-160518-25-POP-422-802
05-08-160518-25-POP-422-802-beta1.zip (51.34MB) - SendSpace.com

Firmware version: 05-08-160518-25-POP-425-802
05-08-160518-25-POP-425-802-beta1.zip (51.34MB) - SendSpace.com

Firmware version: 05-08-160518-25-POP-426-802
05-08-160518-25-POP-426-802-beta1.zip (51.33MB) - SendSpace.com

Release Notes:
- Reduced playback starting time
- Added UTF16 support for SMI subtitle
- Added subtitle style support for SSA or ASS subtitle
- Improved all the text base subtitle rendering quality
- Fixed in SRT subs the bold tag sets all consecutive text to bold issue
- Fixed UTF16 text subtitle sometimes dropping issue
- Fixed big gap between subtitle italic style text characters
- Fixed sometimes text subtitle missing or crash after trick mode issue
- Hide color, fontsize and position setting sub-menu, except for SRT, SMI, SUB
- Fixed some MKV embedded text subtitle with zlib compression unable to show correctly issue
- Fixed MKV PGS subtitle random dropping or missing issue
- Fixed MKV PGS subtitle display with wrong color palette issue (Avatar)
- Fixed some external SUBIDX may cause random crash issue
- Fixed SUBIDX with two or more languages or index encounter random crashing issue
- Improved the performance of DSD and SACD playback
- Added support for gapless DSD playback.
- Improved DSF and DFF (DSD) files NMJ scanning speed
- Added Composer and Duration info in scanning for DSF and DFF
- Fixed DSF file larger than 2GB (stored in NTFS or EXT3 storage) unable to retrieve ID3 info issue
- Fixed some DFF files detection issue
- Fixed DSF channels mixed up issues
- Fixed SACD seeking wrong position issue
- Fixed SACD unable to repeat playback issue
- Fixed unable to play SACD when select play now on Add To Queue popup box issue
- Fixed certain APE file playback cause framework crash due to big tag size issue
- Fixed M4A and WMA randomly causing crash issue
- Added audio info display box in screen saver when changing song
- Fixed EUC-KR encoding in Now Playing issue
- Enhanced the Now Playing song listing UI
- Fixed Track Artist and Album Artist scanning issue
- Fixed BDLITE menu chapter section have no indicator issue
- Show audio title and language together on MKV menu
- Fixed UPNP audio playback unable to get metadata info
- Fixed certain AVI and MP4 playback encounter crash issue
- Fixed some MP4 playback no sound issue
- Added NMJ audio and subtitle bookmark handling
- Fixed play next song if select "Add song to Queue(current)" during playback issue
- Fixed unable to copy file to folder created from File Operation (inside NMT HDD, copy through Samba)
- Fixed unable to browse NFS servers without SAMBA Master Browser issue
- Fixed SDHC SD Card mounting issue
- Improved scrolling speed in File Browser
- Enhanced the buffering icon


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I think my A410 has died, last night lost internet connection (wired), ran setup which said connection was good, but I still had no connection.
Did a power off & on which didn't help.
Tried again this AM with power off & on now all I get is a screen which says Popcorn Hour is reloading, been like that for 4 hours.

Any thoughts?


Have you tried unplugging the power cable and reconnecting ?

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