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I'm using a pioneer 868 dvd player connected via hdmi to my pioneer 5040 plasma. Whats best for the deinterlacing using the 868 or the one in the screen. Do i set the output to 480p or 480i on the player? If the screen does the best job then set to 480i output if the 868 player does the best job then set to 480p, correct right?

I realise an external scaler ala iscan hd would be best using 480i output from the player..... but not goin that route yet.

Opinions please gents thx...


id set it progressive out, but isnt there something better suited than 480p?


Joe Fernand

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Try setting the DV-868AVi to 720P - the panel will still need to rescale to 768P but that's Pioneer for you!!!

The Deinterlacer in the PDP-504HDE is pretty good and will work well with your Interlaced sources but I'd tend to favour the DV-868Avi for your movies.

I'd also look at using AVIA or similar to help you do a visual calibration.

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