Poor SSD speeds Kingston HperX 3K 120Gb


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I bought a new Kingston HyperX 3K few months back and only just got around to installing.

I already had a IntelX25 160Gb drive and was impressed with performance.
I ran it through CrystalDiskmark today and it appears to be fairly slow.

I have original image from my X25 and also for the HyperX.

Anyone confirm these are rubbish speeds?

I did find out also today my BIOS had reset back to IDE rather than AHCI, plus few other things, did have a power outage otherday.

Thanks in advance

HyperX Speeds:


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They look like perfectly reasonable speeds to me, a hard drive would be getting around 2-3MB/s on the 4k tests so that's definitely the sorts of speed an SSD should be getting.


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only reason why is my X25 gets this and on SATA 2 where above is suppose to be SATA3


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Gigabyte x58a UDR3.


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just to be sure you do have the ssd connected to the specific port allocated to sata3 6Gbs ?
but anyway, via google it seems a lot of people complaining about that board and its appalling sata3 6Gbs performance using raid 0 arrays thought by the sound of it its simply the higher throughput that's the problem if a single ssd can cause the issue as well.
most seem to blame the marvel controller used on that board so maybe they have foud a workround via firmware, check the download page on gigabytes site to see if theres an updatd bios or firmware for the marvel controller.
otherwise its down to obtaining a sata 6Gbs card to bypass the marvel chip.


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I rechecked the ports after reading above and also on google, it appears I did plug into wrong ports, not all the white ones are SATA3 only port 5/6 are, thanks and here latest results. Only now worried that my X25 isnt as good now :/

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