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I know very little about DVD/TV set-up, so I'd be grateful for your help.

I have a Panasonic TX36PG50 TV and have just bought my first DVD player, Sony NS705 a couple of days ago.

The sound is pretty low and not as I expected from a DVD player. I was expecting it loud, clear and spatial.

My TV has the standard 5 speaker surround as supplied by Panasonic. The DVD player is connected to the TV by a QED Squart lead.

My question is do I need a separate amp to create good surround sound?


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IIRC the PG50 is a Dolby Digital TV is it not??

You could dramatically improve the sound by connecting the DVD to the TV with both a Scart Lead (as you've done), and also a digital coax lead to carry a Dolby Digital bitstream to the TV - at the moment the best you'll be getting is Pro-Logic.

In an ideal world you would probably upgrade to a full seperates setup but for the meantime (;)) that should improve the sound fairly drastically!!

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Thanks kelvinp,

What is the best connection for the digital sound, Optical or Coaxial?

If I use this digital cable for sound, do I only need a "RGB ONLY" scart lead for the visual?


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some say optical and some say coaxial, I don't think it really makes any diff. If/when you use one you can either just carry on using your current scart which I hope is RGB or buy an RGB-only scart, either is fine but some say an RGB-only scart gives a slightly better picture.

In the meantime have you adjusted the AV sound correction levels in you TV menu? The PG series have this option, its in one of the menus, just make sure you have selected the AV channel first then look in the menu's. I can't think off the top of my head if its in the sound or setup menu but its easy to find.

Please note that although this will increase your sound level when watching DVD its not a patch on full DD5.1 which you will only get once you get a digital cable.

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