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Hi guys I have a Primare SP21, B&W 804 speakers at the front (each rigged up to a MF Supercharger 550K) and my source is a PS3 and yet....DVD sound in my opinion is well below par:mad:

Last night I was watching 3:10 to Yuma and switched between DVD mode from the Primare to CD mode. In CD mode the sound just leapt out at me (although coming just from 2 channels and the sub - a B&W 850). When I switched back to DVD everything was well just muted. The crushing sound was gone and everything was just so polite!! I don't want polite, I want sonic madness. To give you an idea of the difference, when in CD mode the volume is set to about 14/100. In DVD mode that goes upto about 30/100. Pants. And it still lacks something.

Can anybody suggest settings that I should have either on the Primare or the PS3? Is the sound from DVD's 'comprimised' when in 5 channel compared to 2 channel?

Please help :lease::lease:. I've got the kit that should than be more than up to the job, but I just feel something is lacking.:mad:


One possibility is to try using the 'phantom' or equivalent setting on your processor - so the centre channel is reproduced by the two fronts instead of your centre speaker.

A mono signal invariably sounds better reproduced by two left/right or three left/right/centre speakers. Stuffing everything into the centre channel on the grounds of image stability is just bad mixing yet the norm for most DVDs.

Could be much more at play of course - especially depending on what 'CD mode' actually is...

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