Poor Sky wifi in bedrooms do I need powerline adaptors

Morning all, looking for some advice and assistance

We have Sky fibre superfast but the wifi is really poor in the kids bedrooms for Xbox One online gaming and they moan a one legged donkey is quicker and more stable.

The Sky Q router is in the lounge feeding the Sky Q box and my Amazon tv box via ethernet cable so no more outlets available as it only has two.
When I do a speed test via Ookla app on my iphone it is around 60mbs plus in the lounge which is fine.

But when I go into the lads bedrooms it really drops.
One room yesterday said 0.48mbs down on the speed test and the other room was around 1mbs but he also has a Sky Q mini in there but that seems to play tv from the 2tb in lounge fine I think.
Both also had poor upload.

I've also noticed recently my Sky Q mini has started struggling slightly in my bedroom when using the Netflix app or watching streaming Sky tv from the main 2tb box downstairs, lots of buffering starting to happen which never used to happen.

I'm looking to improve this for the kids in their bedrooms and for their Xbox gaming and someone has mentioned powerline adaptors.

Can someone please assist a newbie on these and which ones I'm best buying for both bedrooms to improve the wifi etc.

Looking at some of these gadgets theyll be better of with the one with power pass through I think as they have loads of products plugged in like tv, xbox, amazon speakers and one of the rooms also has Sky Q mini box as well.

Do they come with ethernet cables?

Any help is appreciated as I have very little knowledge how they work, how you install them and what's best to buy.



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Have you spoken to sky to see if they can send you a wifi extender?

Homeplugs will work but as you only have two ports on your sky router and both are used you will have to get some sort of a switch to extend the ports near the router or change the sky router.

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