Poor sky HD pic on Panny 50HD8


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Hi, I seem to be getting a rather unimpressive pic using Sky HD on my Panny 50HD8. I have it conected by component & HDMI but both are not brilliant. My main concern are the darker scenes that are very solarised. There appears to be alot of green dots & if I try to improve the blacks the picture just appears unwatchable.
Any 50HD8 & Sky HD owners out there with similar probs?


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I know the sd channels aren't going to be that good but the hd channels are only slightly better. The dreaded green dot is evident in dark ares & if i increase the black level the whole pic is terrible. Are these set up discs, like Avia, worth using?


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yes they are, but you should be getting a much better PQ anyway....as above...what settings are you using?

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