Poor signal when video is switched on


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This might have been covered already. Apologise if it has.

I have just tried to set up the in-laws new Toshiba 32wlt66 TV. Everything is fine, good pic etc. Until you switch on the Video . you then get a poor/loss of signal only on all the BBC channels. Have to ask any suggestions on this? Would the Arial need replacing or would a booster fix it? Or am i barking up the wrong tree?

All help much appreciated.


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A little bit lost here, Have you got a good Freeview picture on the Tosh?
If you have you may find that the Video RF out is clashing with the channel that the BBC stations are coming down with. Example BBC1, 2, 3,4 etc maybe picked up on Channel 35 and that could be the same channel the video is broadcasting on. I am assuming that the aerial lead goes via the video first before entering the TV?
If this is the case the Video channel can be changed in one of three ways depending on your video.
1. A little preset on the back can be moved to push the video signal away from the clashing channel, it is normally marked 21-69 and you will see it set about midway.
2. It maybe set in the menu.
3. Get a aerial cable splitter, feed your incomming aerial into the splitter and then feed the video and TV independantly from the splitter and remove the the cable from the RF out of the video to the TV.


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Yes i would say the pic on the toshiba is pretty good. Single strenght says good on all channels. Then the moment you switch on the video all BBC channels start to block about and then flashes up as poor signal.


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Interference form the video..as Andy says change the operating frequency of the video - it rebroadcasts for the TV antenna connection.


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it is normally marked 21-69 and you will see it set about midway.

No screwdriver adjustable modulators cover such a wide range as this...CH21-69 is only covered with the introduction of software set modulators...screwdriver adjustable pots were much more restricted...usually 21-40 approx.

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