Poor signal from RF-Out - please help


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Sky+ box

The signal I'm getting from my RF-Out 1 & 2, for extra TVs, has been awful (un-watchable). Having spoken to sky, and going through all the settings (frequencies 21 - 68 or something), there was no improvement.

Sky suggested the box may be faulty, and not boosting the RF signal, so I booked sky to come and replace the box. However, I have since found that the signal is fine if I disconnect the terrestrial input (my boosted terrestrial signal is interfearing with the rf signal used by sky).

So my questions is:
Is it just tough (if you have a strong terrestrial signal, you're sky+ rf out signal will not be strong enough) or is it likely that my sky+ does have a fault? No point asking sky, as they'll just say the box is fine - and I don't want to replace it if nothing's wrong, as I'll lose my recordings, and the box has been fine apart from this.


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It could be you are over driving the RF input of the box, try putting an attenuator on the input or reducing the booster gain (if you can?).




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This link above shows the frequencys you can safely use with out interference remember other items such as videos /freeview boxes /some cameras etc can out put on a RF frequency which may interfere with the output so just go to the calculator section and see which frequencys you shouldnt be using. If you still have a problem then TVCables is spot on


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Thanks guys.

I had tried going through most frequencies, so next step is to try and reduce the power of my terrestrial signal.

Not being able to use a channel spaced 1, 5 or 9 above or below a channel that is in use could be a problem - when searching through the frequencies, loads were picking up one of the terrestrial channels (they were snowy, but would presumably cause interfearence).

Answer maybe a combination of reducing my terrestrial signal strength, and then using that guide.

Thanks again.


Ok found a link that works where you can down load the taboo zip calculator

In the North west
BBC1 is on 55
BBC2 is on 62
ITV1 is on 59
chan4 is on 65
chan5 is on 48
and chan M is on 39
VCR is often on 36 or 21

this leaves only 23 24 25 28 29 32 33 42 51 52 69 in some Northwest areas 42 is a NO

this means that 68 is a definate NO in the north west area

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