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    We've been trying to have Sky installed from the above company for the last 3 months and finally gave up with them and will go down the NTL cable route as we've had enough of our local sky installation company.

    We arranged four appointments with Spectrum TV in Croydon, London .

    1st appointment - no engineer turned up, had no sky card and the company had no record of the installation appointment

    2nd appointment - engineer turned up, but no sky card, another card to be sent, checked address with manager who didn't really seem to care too much.

    3rd appointment - engineer turned up, still no sky card, checked address with another sales consultant wondering by now what is going on with a simple installation. Sales consultant found out that they still had our wrong address even though we'd double-checked this with the manager.

    4th appointment - Sky Card arrived! Engineer turned up over an hour late, but didn't have the right bolts to go through our walls (we live in a block of flats) but you'd think the sales rep would communicate this to the engineers -obviously not in this case. By this time we thought enough was enough, as if this company couldn't get an installation right 4 times then we had no hope and my wife asked the engineer to leave as "we've had enough of you and your company".

    So you have been warned about this company with in my experience poor customer service and poor organisation and workmen without their tools!.


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