Poor satellite reception quality on Samsung QE55Q90R


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Has anybody else had problems with poor satellite reception (when using the built-in satellite receiver) on a Samsung QE55Q90R?

I'm using a French Fransat CAM CI+ module. With my original satellite dish I was getting terrible reception (horrible pixellation on nearly all channels). But when I connected a different TV which also had a built-in CAM CI+ socket (a LG 28", model number 28MT48S) to exactly the same coax cable connected to the same LNB connection, and using the same CAM module and card, that TV worked fine.

I know that my previous satellite dish (a Sky 60cm minidish) wasn't ideally placed, because my neighbour's wall was extremely close to the line of sight between my satellite dish and the Eutelsat satellite at 5 degrees West.

In the end, I bought a bigger (85cm) satellite dish, and had it installed in a location where there was absolutely nothing blocking the line of sight between the satellite dish and the satellite. This fixed my problem, and I now have a good picture on my Samsung QE55Q90R with this Fransat CAM CI+ module (even though the TV says the signal quality is only 60%). But I'm intrigued how it's possible that two different TV's could have such a massive difference in satellite reception quality when connected to the same coax cable going to the same LNB.

Is it possible that this Samsung QE55Q90R just has a poor quality (or extremely sensitive) satellite receiver in the OneConnect box?

Or are there some particular settings which I need to be checking in the satellite settings of the QE55Q90R? I've selected "Eutelsat 5 West" in the list of satellites in the settings. The TV detected and installed the Fransat CAM profile when I initially plugged it in. The guy who installed my satellite dish for me also confirmed that the LNB settings which are shown in the QE55Q90R menu looked fine to him.

It all seems very strange to me. So I'm just wondering if anybody has any explanation for this, in case somebody else suffers the same problems as I did.

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