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Hi everyone, I have been having problems with recepion on some channels mainly ITV all regions, E4,More4. Tried moving aerial position in loft in numerous positions with no effect. Thinking about it I realised that the aerial position was sited about 2 feet away from cold water tank, after moving aerial to the other end of loft I now get signal strength of 10 on everything. I was on the verge of replacing the aerial cable for better quality as I was advised by the aerial shop, it appears the simple things are sometimes the best.
Anyone else having problems , don't forget checking the proximity of the water tank.
Good luck.
Panasonic E75, up to now very good machine!!

Deleted member 45627

Hi Sam , yes that would have been a help, actually this is the aerial I was recommended to buy but they didn't mention the water tank having an effect on signal. Thanks for your comments and the link will help others I am sure.


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There's only two types of aerial suppliers:
1. The professionals who assume you know what you are doing.
2. The store employees who haven't a clue.

You'll find the same sort of balance on here except there's quite a few like me who know just enough to be dangerous! ;)

But I also know where to look for reliable answers.

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