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We live in a poor reception area in a "valley" bottom so a "normal " aerial just WONT work --even directed at the "booster" aerial for the area

Consequently we have to use a "dish " which we have for Sky and terrestrial channels

We have a Global 140 amplifier which is not powered but gets its supply from the RF 2 outlet on the Skybox
This a "new" bpx and we have the skyplus box which gives us the "catch-up and other services

We only used two of the outputs from the Global
1 To the kitchen which is only the other side of the a 100mm block wall and works fine
2 The other went to the master bedroom and worked fine also

We wanted to add a link to guest bedroom and study via amplifier outputs 3 and 4 and had top quality double screened cable connected to those rooms but on testing -whilst the kitchen still works OK --the master bedroom is now a "grainy" picture and the magic eye wont now change channels and there is no "red light" lit up

We can get grainy pictures on the extra tv positions but again the magic eye programme change does not work nor the magic eyes "light up"

I am not as in the know as many posters on here . Do we need a more upmarket amplifier than the F140 ?? or can another amplifier be "inserted" in line on the cables to study and guest bedroom ??

Or perhaps the F140 need a separate power transformer supply ??

Really would appreciate any assistance members can offer before purchasing further equipment or making amendments that in the end dont help

Cheers Penninepete


Hi and welcome to the forum.
When powered the device should work equally well on each of its outputs, but only one at a time.


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Is it the original magic eye or an additional new one that now doesn't work? Amazon user reviews for the distribution amp suggest it only has sufficient power for one...


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It's the Sky Digibox that supplies only enough power for an amplifier and one "magic eye". Not the fault of the amplifier. Use a separate PSU designed for the F140.
And, without a PSU, you must ensure that the RF Outlet power is set to ON, as stated above by Jim.

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