Poor picture quality on 4k TV


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Hi all,

Purchased a new Toshiba 55 inch 4k tv on black Friday sales which of course was a bargain and big upgrade to our previous tv.

Only issue is on HD channels the picture is good but on standard quality channells it is very poor. Pixelated and dark colours been blurry make it almost unbearable to watch.

Unsure if this is just a bad tv or anything I can do to imrpove this? Just so everyone knows we are watching via BT youview box with HDMI cable.

Thank you


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Good setup of the TV can help a little, but if the TV is too big for the viewing distance, there's not a whole lot you can do.

Try turning off all the motion settings etc. Set the picture mode to Movie or whatever it is called on your TV and try turning down the brightness - while keeping the contrast very high. This hopefully will mask some of the noise and make the picture more watchable.

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Unfortunately, it can be an issue with 4K TV's.

You put a crap signal in and it can be very unforgiving. As noiseboy72 says above there are a few things you can do, but they'll have looked better on your old TV.

Also, not wishing to diss your TV, but it's most likely a budget TV manufactured by a company called Vestel who make TV's and just chuck a brand on it. JVC and many other companies stopped manufacturing TV's years ago.
So compared to the likes of Samsung, Sony etc the upscaling probably isn't as good.


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When your new tv displays a true 4k signal from say Netflix it is mapping pixel to pixel perfectly.
When watching a freeview HD broadcast it has one pixels information for every 4 to display on the screen. This should give a reasonable picture
HD from sky and some others is not as good as uses a lower quality 720p output.
SD broadcast gives one pixel information for every 16 on the screen, the tv has to guess what the other 15 should show

And then some SD is better quality than others as well...... as are the ability of cheap tv to produce a decent picture from a crap signal compared to an expensive one.

If all you watch is HD and a large amount of SD the older HD set will probably give a better overall performance.

I have virtually given up with SD broadcasts apart from when I want to watch local news which is still in SD.

My son has my old 5 year old Samsung HD set, probably worth less than £200 now, and that is probably much better for normal viewing than a cheap new 4k set available now
I didn't realise there were that many channels only available in SD. I can't remember the last time I watched a programme that was not HD or better. A large screen 4K TV will make SD content look poor.


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I have a few friends with the lower priced 4k TVs and my 1080p pic blows them away, maybe as stated are you too close, have you tried setting it up?


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very common complaint from customers- mid range HD sets looking miles better than 4k sets in the lower or mid range, dont know if its the hdr or something but they often look v dull and grey unless on 4K demo type content

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