poor picture on samsung plasma?



hi guys,
just brought a samsung plasma but there seems to be a bit of interference on screen.

firstly there is pulsating faint lines in the background which go up and down the screen.

also images of people and skin textures look very fake and unrealistic.

is this normal of plasma tvs or is it because its so cheap?

it is wired up to a sky dig box via scart and switched to rgb.

thanks guys!


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I had the same issues with my samsung (unrealistic skin tones plus feint lines horizontal accross scrren on dark backgrounds) I have since exchanged this set for the LG and I have to say the difference is breathtaking. My advice would be if your not happy with what you see send it back and get a refund asap (usually you have the right to do this within 14 days under the sale of goods act) and exchange it for the similarly priced lg at richer sounds.

Good luck



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the fake skin tones are solarisation...something which affects ALL plasma screens to a greater or lesser degree...watch some footy and you will also see the pitch as very patchy ..same thing. the classic test is if there is a picture of a candle in a dark room, the light emitted from the flame would gradually reduce away from the flame, solarisation makes bands of reducing light...
very annoying and not a huge amount that can be done.. it is because the signal that you get from sky is...crap basically.. the use there available bandwith to cram more channels in instead of "more picture" ..
i have just bought a line doubler (see ) and hope that making the picture progressive helps...it wont cure it, but it should be better... but it costs nearly a grand..so it's not a cheap way !

hope this helps.

i am not at my desk at the moment, but when i get back i will post some links for a better explanation and for other FAQ's



Try connecting a Pro-V progessive scanner that includes a built in tuner. Picture is improved and it costs about £120 - however it connects to the plasma via a 15 pin vga adapter. So make sure the plasma can take this input.


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Yeah....the Pro V will connect to the Sammy as that is how www.avsales.com are trying to sell the sammy as Prog Scan compatable.


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- interesting commment here. I viewed the Samsung in DSG and noticed the 'interference' lines and was told by a sales-droid that it was due to a bad TV signal being fed to the Plasma.

In a different DSG store, the Plasma was being fed a DVD source and I have to say the lines were not evident.

I must admit this thread has now got me thinking... I was going out on Tuesday night to buy/order this Samsung package... got to the store and dithered and returned home. Then last night I got ready to go, and ended up sat on the sofa! Today? Well, decided about 10pm last night I would go and get it today... but then read the disheartening comments here - I don't wanna sped £3K for something imperfect - particularaly since the likes of DSG won't let me return it once it's been opened!

- so now I'm back to stage one again! :clown:


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For what its worth, here is my opinion: :clown:

The samsung is not a BAD panel, its just mearly okay. If you are buying a fully kitted (i.e. Ext Tuner Box, Speakers etc) then you will probably have quite an easy life and no connectivity issues.

I cannot comment on the interference problem as I have not witnessed it....I only saw the samsung running monsters inc on DVD, connected by composite via the external tuner box in dixons. The picture was okay...and I assume would get much better when RGB Scart or Component was used. But there was definately no interference to be seen.

The alternative I chose, was the LG...deffinately a better picture...but two issues.

1) No PAL Prog Scan available. Not that big a problem for me, most of my DVD's are R1 anyway and the interlaced picture over component is pretty damn good anyway.

2) Video being delivered by the VGA port is a no-no as there is a sync issue. Not an issue for me as I wil be connected a PC to that port anyway and I have the Component, S-Video & Composite ports available for use. (switching via my Denon AV AMP as well)

Neither of these issues effect me...so I am 95% happy...the missing 5% is just purely because I know it isn't perfect.

Again, connectivity would be even easier if you got the external tuner boxes...but I didn't need it and therefore saved myself £500 on the average cost of getting the plasma with the tuner box.

The majority of people are saying positive things about the newer Hitachi panels...however the are also issues with these (fan noise etc)..... I have only seen one Hitachi...a 32" and it was god awful in my opinion...but I didn't check the model number...so it may have been an older one.

The alternative is to save some more and get the Panny or Pioneer, the picture is undoubtably better than any of the above, however the prices are also higher. (to the point of being rediculous if you add in external tuners etc...although most peeps would say don't bother...myself included)

If the Pioneer (arguably the best out there at decent price levels) scores 9 out of 10 for Picture Quality. I would put the following in order....too my eyes:

Panny: 8/10
LG: 7/10
Samsung 6/10

I chose to save £800+ and get the LG against the average price of the Panny without the tuner box and know I only have a slightly inferior picture.....the £800 was then spent on decent cables and a new DVD which I would have had to add to the cost of the Panny as well.

You need to ask yourself.....why do u need the external tuner? you may have good reasons...it may even just be down to your preference of making life SUPER easy by still having scart connectivity etc?

I would suggest you try and arrange a demo of the LG PZ17 & a Prog Scan DVD demo at your nearest Richer Sounds and see what you think.

Hope that helps?



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Some really constructive comments there; THANKS.

My whole issue is getting worse... as I saw it the Samsung was a good "package" deal at £3K - I had even secured a £300 glass unit for just £50 from DSG - but if I am 100% honest, I know the picture on the display was not the best out there. :eek:

Research this morning has shown maybe I would be better opting for the LG - it has a lot more positive support. My problem is I need a desktop stand so another £300 makes the LG £2.8K - and that's before I have anything to go with it! Then I figure in a unit stand from AV for £350 and it hits the £3.1K mark which is pretty much my comfortable spend!

Of course spending cash like this, I would sooner strech out the extra £200/300 and be confident I made the right choice than save that amount and have something I found fault with.

TBH, I don't suppose I *really* need the tuner - I have a digital cable box, so that's one... and my DVD recorder has a second - so recording/switching wouldn't be an issue. Anyone disagree?

Speakers? Well, I have to admit I did like the slim appearance and stands of the Samsung speakers in the bundle (and since I am using some sub-standard old Sony pro-logic speakers thought it time for an upgrade of sorts!), but again... those supplied probably not the best - although for now adequate as I am only running a Pioneer VSXC300.

- lastly, anyone know what RS are like for delivery issues? I called and they're out of stock on the LG today, but (coincidentally!) are getting some tomorrow; a couple of years ago I would have trusted these guys, but have read some reports that they're not as good as they used to be - so, anyone care to comment on their delivery commitment?


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Yep...Richer Sounds.....Tip Top Performance for me. Just about all of my gear over the last couple of weeks came from RS. (local branch Milton Keynes).

I got my LG (was in stock at warehouse, they had 349 on January 3rd!!!), Chameleon Wall Bracket (Tilting), Soundstyle 5 shelve rack & Pronto Remote.

The LG was ordered on Friday 3rd January.
RS use a logistics company called Kaye O'Neall 4 delivery (£80)
Kaye O'Neill call me on Monday 6th to arrange delivery.
LG Delivered in afternoon (as arranged) Tuesday 7th.

LG MZ-42PZ17 £2500
Wall Bracket £ 150
Soundstyle XS105 £ 330
Delivery Charge £ 80

Now, u could add the Toshiba PW27 ( Panny 5th Gen Clone) in lieu of the LG (RS Price is average I Guess @ £3299) and use the same brackets (u can) and AV Rack.

That would cost you a total of £3859.....or £799 more. and you would still need to think about decent cables, speakers and maybe an amp?

I would check with RS what the costs of the pedestal stand is if that is what you really want/need......I have never asked.

By the way.....Richer Sounds are selling the Pronto 2mb Remote for £99.95...not the advertised £149.95 at the moment....I just quoted the advert the have in Februrary's edition of What Video Widescreen Enterment magazine to get the better price.

Any way....all in all I am happy with Richer Sounds from my recent experiences (actually my only experiences with them) :D




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This is going to be a bit of a rant so please bear with me.

I bought Samsung Plasma at the beginning of this month from RS and have been very happy with it. However at the beginning of last week the screen began to cut out as if going into stand by mode (But not).

There were no other problems with the screen and I was more than happy with the quality and performance of the set.

I rang up RS and they put me through to Stelgis their suppliers. I spoke to a very helpful engineer who explained the set had a faulty "Wire Driver" no idea what this but apparently it regulates power to the screen and needed to be replaced.

No problem the new screen was with me by the end of the week (Thursday - great service) and I installed it on Saturday. However all was not well with the replacement screen. Although it did not cut out the picture quality of the replacement was nothing like the original, the biggest problem being a very irritating "Flicker effect" with faint bands phasing down the screen (particularly evident on solid colours and at the edge of the screen)

I again spoke to RS and Stelgis and the same engineer confirmed that he believed this set to be DOA also (A loose connection inside he felt was the cause of the picture distortion).

I got talking to him and told him I was thinking of getting a different screen. Something costing even £2000 has to be two strikes and you are out surely ?

I said I was thinking of the New LG at £2500 or maybe even £2999 for the latest Toshiba. This is proposed to be the same screen basically as the new Panny and most people on this forum and in fact everywhere agree that this is the best set available but at a price.

Now I must say he seemed like a nice chap and I definitely trust what he was saying. He services and repairs these things at one of the biggest distributors in the country and he obviously knows his stuff. He said that in 4 months he had only had back 4 Samsung sets (including what will soon be two from me). This out of over 1000 that has gone through their company in this period (So he says).

He said that personally he though it was a good set picture and build quality wise especially for the money. I asked him what he thought about the Tosh and the LG. He said the Tosh is a great set but only comes with a one-year warranty. (Although I would get two-year extension for £250 from RS as I have with the Sammy).

He reckons that these sets are not that serviceable - anything goes wrong with the screen panel itself and it is for the bin.

I was really keen on the new LG model. I was not impressed with their old models having compared them with the Sammy in a number of locations (AMC cinemas / Curries etc).

However their new set seems to have good write ups, Decent Contrast of apparently 1000 on the consumer model (Brightness 750) and is proposed to be the best budget model available at the moment.

Shock. He refused to be drawn to comment much on the new LG. He said he has been "Exceptionally disappointed" with both the build and picture quality of the LG panels including the new screen.

His closing comment was "I can’t really discuss it but put it this way I would rather have a CRT set than an LG".

Oh dear. Now I know a few people on this board have these sets so for god’s sake get you opinions down quick. I am going down to RS at lunch with my mate who has a 42" Panny armed with a load of Dvds to demo this set properly in their viewing room (I always judge for myself whatever people say).

LG owners input is must appreciated as I thought this set would be an option or should I just blow the budget and get the Tosh? I thought I knew my stuff (to an extent) but have a crisis of confidence now having talked to this guy !


the toshiba comes with a 2 year return to base warranty from toshiba itself, i was told
get the tosh i myself have seen a lg not sure what model but it did not look to bad not as black as the panny/tosh but not a horrible picture

Joe Fernand

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(I posted a version of this post on the other news group too)

It sounds like you were pretty unlucky with two consecutive faults on your Samsung display.

A couple of points to add to your story:

The trade distributor you spoke to was Steljes UK - many of us in the trade use them as some manufacturers prefer to not open up 'small' accounts and sell all of there stock through a UK distributor. (Just a note: I purchase all of my Pioneer and Panasonic stock direct from the manufacturers as I hold a full dealership with both of these companies).

Samsung is a fairly new addition to the Steljes line up - 1000+ units sounds high for such a new addition to there line up.

Steljes dont sell LG - unless they do it on the quiet and dont try and sell them to anyone in the AV trade; so not sure how the engineer you spoke to can add anything to your questions about LG.

As jmack points out the Toshiba displays are supplied with a 24 month RTM warranty and as they are clones of the Panasonic displays are not a problem to service.

I hope the LG works out for you.

Best regards


Joe Fernand

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I posted on an earlier thread that having taken a Samsung display home last week to test it I was very disappointed by the quality of the video signal it produced - it reminded me of a much older generation Pioneer or Panasonic display.

I personally would not use the Samsung as my main TV - especially if its partnered with a SKY Digibox; I found it too distracting to watch.

In an earlier thread Phil_Yeoman posted his thoughts as a user of the Samsung along with a very high end Barco projector and it was interesting to note that Phil's system utilises a Silicon Image iScan Pro external scaler and possibly also some video conversion on board his AV amp (basically he is bypassing the Samsung video processor).

I've had a play this week with the Samsung and the new Silicon Image iScan Ultra video processor and it works pretty well though a near £1k add on to the system sort of defeats the purpose of an entry level display.

Possibly your dealer can loan you a couple of external video processors - as suggested by Nick_TT these can be had for as little as £150.00. Thsi may just do the trick and save you having to swap to another display.

Best regards



thanx for the advice guys.

i returned the samsung and got a panny5 the picture with sky is pretty good,i just couldnt stand watching it through the sammy


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The first Samsung I got had a faulty "Wire Driver" and cut out regularly although no problems with the picture.

I was quite happy with it for TV via NTL Digital using RGB scart and good quality cables although not as good as my old 32" CRT set (Although most plasmas are not).

The replacement set I got had the same scan line problems you mentioned. Could not risk another although non of the demo sets I have ever seen had this problem Currys, AMC Cinema, Selfriges etc.. I am going to exchange for the LG 17.


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I have had no problems with the sammy other than crap sky quality. The problem is inherent in the sugnal from sky and to be honest you need a reasonale amount of pre processing before feeding the sammy with the signal. The qulaity of DVD is better than many but again these are fed through the iscan and consiquently have improved clarity.

I posted some comments when I first recieved the set and then later sugested that the screen quality improved after a couple of weeks of run-in I stand by these and would furhter say that for the money the sammy performs very well.

I would like to point out that in my opinion plasma is a technology that has a long way to go. I have never seen a picture that I would say suppasses a well setup CRT, and I have worked with Plasma for nearly five years.

In truth the picture you get from even a panasonic can not compete with a projector half its price (but then again not everyone want to watch eastenders in a darkend room :)

As is often said here you most definitly get what you pay for but in its price bracket the sammy does not disgrace and unlike many other sets it will display PAL progressive


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