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Poor picture connecting to 2nd TV via 3RCA Cable

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As title suggests, i've connected a 2nd HDTV to my Sky HD Box, via a 3RCA Cable & Audio Cables. Picture quality isn't great, and picture keeps dropping every minute or so (i get a blue screen).

Are there any specific settings i need to change on my Sky HD settings?.

Total run of cable is approx 100ft, is this the problem (although if it were, what's the point in people setting 100ft cables?)

Spent hours under the floor, lifting carpets etc, i'm well ****** off :thumbsdow

Any advice or help would be appreciated


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I would guess you are losing too much in the cable length - simple test bring the TV into the same room and try a standard length set of cables and see if the fault is cured.

Cheers, Franc

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I can only assume, it's the length of cable then? Annoying it doesn't work at those lengths, when you can buy a cable that length, seems pointless really.

Just one more quick question, am i likely to suffer the same problem if i used a S-Video cable too?

100ft! :eek: Its no wonder.


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Easier to hook up your 2nd TV using RF2 and a TV link ?

I got mine installed yesterday and was pleased to find out that HD programmes on my planner will play on my 2nd TV in SD - saves having to record them twice.

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