Poor month for new releases - March looks better

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Oct 23, 2001
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Thankfully the month of February has nearly ended. This has been one of the poorest months for game releases that i can remember. Hopefully if some of the stuff for March actually make their release dates, there should be something for everyone. I also think March will be the time for me to finally upgrade my ti4200; that is, if i want to play Far-Cry at max detail :) . Probably also applies to the new Splinter Cell as well. One other game i'm really looking forward to is 'Syberia 2'.

For PC releases, I have to agree. Armed and Dangerous is a very good game, though, and has probably been overlooked.

Yup,does seem to be a few potential social life killers coming to us in March:rolleyes:

Ive also got a 4200ti but Im afraid thats still gotta last me a while till I upgrade,I just got a new mobo which bumbed up my 3dmark scores by 2000(after a little tweaking ;) )so Im hoping Ill be ok till HL2 eventually gets here.

Farcry looks like its gonna be excellent single player but Im not sure if the multi player aspect is gonna give us anything new:confused:

Battlefield Vietnam is hopefully just gonna be BF1942 but new and improved with huge detailed maps and mopeds for charlie to ride on,which has to be a good thing:D

Soldner looks like it has absolutley bags of potential and could be 1 of the best multi player games this year but Im gonna reserve judgement till Ive tried the beta cos Im a bit worried that it was initially only going to be a third person game.Hopefully they have put enough of an effort into the fps aspect to allow it to compete with the rest of the crop.

I think these 3 are the main titles Im lookin forward to in the coming month,but Im sure theres more that I cant think of atm:zonked: :eek:
I'll be getting splinter cell 2 on xbox. It played much better on the console, obviously as it was designed for the xbox.

Farcry does look good! :clap:

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