Poor DVD image on LCD TV



Hi All,

I've got a problem playing DVDs with my new TV and DVD player.
The TV is an LG RZ20LA70 20" LCD jobby and the DVD is a JVC HR-XVS20EK DVD/VCD combo. Connect via standard 21pin scart and play a DVD and the picture is ghosted, well more like there's two overlaid images about 3mm offset at 45 degrees.

Now then, if I connect the DVD player up to my old CRT TV the picture's fine. However if I connect my old DVD player to the LCD the picture is also fine.
Neither the new TV or new DVD player seem to have and image correction options in their menus. Nor is there any option/switch to change the scart output type.

So which new toy is wonky? BTW the VCR side of things plays fine through the LCD TV.



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I assume that the TV will accept RGB. Have you ensured that your DVD is set to output RGB (via the menu, I suspect). And that the SCART cable has all 21 pins connected? If not, these actions may help improve matters.
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