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Poor contrast / black levels from V+ (Samsung) box


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Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right forum for this...

Since I upgraded my TV (shown in signature below) I've noticed that the image quality from my V+ box isn't anywhere as near as "good" as it is from my Bluray or media PC. In particular, the black levels seem massively lacking.

I've attached a picture which hopefully shows what I mean; in the 'home' screen you can see that the black background is actually dark grey, compared to the 'actual' black from the TV's menu which I have opened for comparison. Even on 'black' screens when watching TV content, there is a severe lack of contrast and deep blacks.

Is there anything I can do to mitigate this, without adjusting TV settings (I've got them nicely optimised for viewing on the other devices), or is it just a limitation of the V+ box? It's a Samsung unit, not TiVo or anything.

It's all running through my AV amp and passing through to the TV; I'm not changing inputs on the TV.

Hope this makes sense?!


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I have the 42E6B and I had to adjust each input seperately to achieve decent black levels.


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Thanks, but I'm using the same input as far as the tv is concerned as it all goes through my receiver.


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It is more a limitation associated with TV broadcasts as opposed to the TiVo or your TV. The content associated with Blu-rays will always be superior in terms of quality when compared to TV broadcasts.

If your display is set up correctly for use with a Blu-ray then it will portray TV content to the best of its ability. The issue is with the quality of this content as opposed to what you are using to access it.


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Thanks. Again it seems to be the V+ box's output rather than the actual tv content as it seems to be apparent in the menus too :(


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Thanks. Again it seems to be the V+ box's output rather than the actual tv content as it seems to be apparent in the menus too :(

Er why? Whether the TV is displaying a picture or a (I assume) V+ menu is irrelevant. If the V+ delivered a good picture to your old TV it is still doing the same today....................thus?

I think the problem may be with your new TV. Unfortunately your E6B is a basic Panasonic. Along with many other "Top" brands basic Panasonics are often outsourced to the likes of Vestel or perhaps UMC or Funai.

It may say Panasonic Corporation Japan or similar on the back but look for somewhere on the TV or its packaging that says "made in..."

What was your previous TV?

One after thought however please ensure your V+ is set to 1080i output. If your previous TV was "HD Ready" i.e 768x1366 then the output may have been set to 720p.
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