Pond beginner help - filter, pump, UV lamp recommendations


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All in the title, really.

We've moved into a house with a pond. Approx 3m square and x 1m (deep). It has an older all-in-one pump/filter/UV system however the UV lamp doesn't work (I've replaced the bulb and checked the electrics). The label on the unit is a 'Purepond Filter 10000 with pump' with an 18W UVC lamp.

The former owners say the whole kit is life expired but with the exception of the lamp it seems to be pumping water at a decent rate, the pipework and containers are in decent nick, and the filtration materials appear to be doing their job.

Any recommendations? I've seen in-line UV lamps which would make the failed lamp unit redundant... would this be sufficient?

Anything else to look out for with a pond? It's clean (apart from the algae!) with about a dozen fish in it, some plants and the lining appears in good condition. What seasonal activities are recommended, apart from the obvious debris clearing?


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A water testing kit is a good idea. It's prudent to keep a regular check on the pH, nitrate, nitrate, hardness etc.

You don't need to spend a great deal, and one kit will normally last you a year or so. If I think on tomorrow I'll find the name of the one I use. Never had any problems.

Winter is coming so the fish will be fairly dormant soon. The pond shouldn't need too much maintenance in the coming months.

What type of fish are they? Goldfish, koi?


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From sight there are some tench, koi and shubunkin.


Unless it's overstocked a reasonable sized pond can be self maintaining without any need for filtration, so long as there's plently of plant life. You might find it's ok without the UV, so long as the algae doesn't take over.
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