Pompro S350 Will not Install ASTRA 2D Satsllite


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Forum members, Compro S350

Can you help with two problems:-

First, I have set up Eurobird But cannot get ASTRA 2d it scans but comes up with nothing

Secondly, Is this Card suitable for connection to SKY STB if so HOW

I have XP PRO MCE / AMD 6000 / 4GB RAM / Nvidia 8400 Graphics

Thanking you in anticipation

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Glenn Uk

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My understanding is that for STB either sky or VM you need a supplementary device to put a card in.

Not sure whether either sky or vm boxes work on their FTA channels without a card but this may be the case.

Given its picking up eurobird it would suggest that there's nothing acutally wrong physically but i have heared of problems with the bundled software on this kind of card.

there are a number of threads on tis fourm which give alternative (and free) ui think suggestions for software whihc seems to functuion much better.

Do a search for the compro videomate s350 on here as i know there is alongish thread for it, also try looking for the huappage NOVA-s i thin it is as well as im sure there is a lot of info which might give hints



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I Glenn UK.
I have managed to install ASTRA D, after complete uninstall using revo Un installer.
Results are ubnsatisfactory. I must say that hundreds of channels don't make
me a happy browser. There are far to many duplicated channels and DROSS.

If I could just receive the channels that I cuurently get from my Sky STB
Box I would ge happy.I curently receive the channels that are available without subscription.

There have been so many sugjestions as to setting up SKY STB via tuner card to PC that my confusion increases. I would like to see a diffinative method of setting up my system.

have XP PRO MCE , AMD 6000 CPU ,4GB GB Ram, Nvidia 8400 Graphics
Compto videomate S350 Hybrid TV CARD With Compro DTV.

I also have a Peak dual DVB-T card with its supplied software

I have given up on High Deff.

If anyone can help me set this up I would be most obliged.

Thankyou Glenn for your imput


Glenn Uk

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Sorry if the satellite sends too many channels, not a lot anyone can do about that.

1st the card you have installed is a generic device not for simply picking up sky, but for picking up satellite broadcasts, so the multi channels and dross as you call it are picked up because thats what the card is built to do.

Incidentally the repeats are probably the same as i have as we are probably looking at the same channels are regional variations in many cases. So i suppose you could blame ITV, BBC etc for broadcasting regional programmes.

Here's some info on Astra 2d see if there is anything here can help you.

If you simply want the FTA sky stuff and nothing else then select the channels you are interested in and set them as favourites.
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