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Pompeii AVForums Review


Distinguished Member
I thought this film had lots of potential, First 30 minutes were good....Then it all went bad!
Honestly I was so disappointed, Some great actors in this were put to waste.


Distinguished Member
^+1 an 8 seems generous, id give a 6. the CGI and effects were good though.


Didnt like it, o_O poor gladiator fights and a cliche love story to fill in before the volcano ... Sutherlands acting lol worst roman ruler ever... so bad it was almost funny to listen 2
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Distinguished Member
Mindless fun - but with a little effort it could have been so so much better.

I'm not angry though - just disappointed ....


Poor acting (Kiefer Sutherland was tragic) and a poor movie, I would give it a 4 out of 10 and I think I am too kind...

1080 jawbreaker

Well-known Member
back in the day was the word "bi#ch used?


Active Member
Total nonsense. 3/10


Distinguished Member
Really poor effort from all concerned in my humble opinion. How could a film based on a true tragedy be so bad !
Also, I thought the tsunami happened later and with less devastation in real life.

4/10 from me too


Active Member
I feel like the quality of movies is declining to the point where our standards are subtly following course. I watched and loved (probably too strong a term) the first 30 minutes and close to hated the remainder and yet I felt compelled to praise it for the 30minutes of potential it offered, it was the exact experience I had with 47 Ronin. Maybe one day I will get a great movie from beginning to end ;)
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i watch a film for the entertainment value,story,actors,and just about everything else rather than is it 2d or 3d, if the 3d is all its got going for it then i will give it a very wide berth,


Active Member
An 8 seems generous... As someone who loves Gladiator, this was a poor attempt... I don't think it was terrible, just sometimes it seemed like it was trying too hard!


Distinguished Member
4/10 at the most. I didnt even think the special effects were that good, most of them looked fake...and obvious blue screen use. Its supposed to look real at least

I didnt expect much of this as in the opening few minutes
You could clearly see one of the extras hands and fingers moving when they were all supposed to be dead

UPDATE - I watched I, Frankenstein today. I actually found that movie (which was a steaming PoS) BETTER than this!
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3D must pull it out of the mire as its bloody awful in 2D who ever cast Kiefer Sutherland wants shooting, you can hardly hear him in 24 but this you could hear him clearly, which I wish I couldn't.
They even pinched a bit from the film Spartacus.
Where a spear was thrown at the main villain watching the fight

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