Poltergiest in Hitachi 42pd7200?


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I have my pannel speakers connected to both the panel and amp and obv mute the tv amp when the amp is in use.

But since i have been doing this the panel shuts it self off infrequently but the green light indicating ON remains on, but the the panel refuses to come on again until i swich it off at the mains.

The only other thing i have changed is the dvd player to a tosh 350 with both comp and hdmi connected.So i can play! but i do prefer the comp i so far.

So far it has happened 3-4 times and tends to happen when i am fidling.

why have i attched the amp like this? Well the tv amp and speakers are fine for normal tv viewing and for mv i want the surround sound- i did not want my room cluttered with 2 more front speakers.

Any ideas? :lease: - does the pannel have a protective mechanism or is this a fault-i had in 3 months with no problems but it is still being run in (<100 hours use).

I will experiment and let you know what happens


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I thought about using the 7200 speakers for surround as well, but wasn't sure about the electrical issues with connecting two sets of inputs to them. Didn't want to possibly damage the amp/speakers.

Can anyone out there comment on doing this? I was considering some kind of switch.

Don't know if it causes your problem though, sorry :(


There's a good chance your dual speaker wiring is causing this, and if you were my customer, you'd have just invalidated your warranty. This is extremely foolish, you are likely to permanently damage your in TV amp, and I very much doubt the panel speakers can take the power an AV amp can deliver, they are designed for 10-15w of power, not the min 50w of even a fairly poxy all in one system. If your all in one is a cheap-ish one, it's surprisingly even more likely to damage the speakers. Wire it another way, or pay the price. A switch would help, but still run the risk of speaker damage. Ever noticed how I never recommend speakers on the panel? This is why. Ditch the speakers, use some proper ones and use your AV amp all the time is the best option if you don't want 2 sets. If you only want stereo for eastenders, press the stereo button, it's what it's for.


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Thanks MAW i will take your candid advice but i think the problem is the hdmi lead as i have disconnected this and nothing bad has happend (ie before both the hdmi and component cables were connected from the same player) and reading the tosh manual today clear states one or other should be connected.

I dont acutly like loud systems and the amp is a sony 100w /channel but i did not realise i could be sending a signal strong enough to damage the TV! :( :oops:

Weared i know any comments re the hdmi lead or the player?


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Jeez, you really ought to get a switch on that, asking for problems IMO.

Ekko Star

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You really are asking for problems with that arrangement on the speakers :eek:

If you really must you use the panel speakers, you should detach the panel connection altogether and route the sound through outputs on the plasma via your amp instead.


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MAW said:
Well, I'd try that too then, I don't think you'll hurt the screen with that, possibly the DVD player!
How would that hurt the dvd palyer?

thanks for input ( Im sure its been usefull to many but only afew will admit to it).



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Thanks MAW respect- no more panel polterguiest since disconnecting speakers from tv amp. Luckerly no damage

advice to others dont do it !

MAW a question for you why dont in your opinion alis panels dont do progressive scan?


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