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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 4th November 2008
So, Poltergeist ends up being much more than a mere horror-sampler for teens to break into the genre with. It possesses a wonderful “spiritual” ambience, a daring flare for visual invention, a staggering level of visceral intensity and a true sense of the fantastique. We take a “cinematically” typical American suburban family and take it on spin through Hell – Hollywood has been mining that particular nugget since the late sixties, but rarely with such sheer entertainment value. There is infant-jeopardy, neighbour-ignorance and animosity, deceitful bosses and religion rammed down our throats – but only someone as wide-eyed and childlike as Steven Spielberg could have such elements combining to create one of the most fascinating, though-provoking and downright enjoyable horror yarns around. There are flaws, of course, but Poltergeist is certainly a classic of the genre. When the 80's made commercialism and overkill part of the fabric of existence, the spooky haunted house concept just had to follow suite. Thus, the tone and mood of The Haunting, The Legend Of Hell House, The Twilight Zone and The Uninvited gets the big budget makeover and audiences were finally shown what writers and directors had once only been able to hint at. Both The Thing and Poltergeist were inspirational icons to the genre as it dragged itself out of the seventies, proving that mainstream chillers could still offer the things that hardcore fans demanded to see, and wrap them up with good storylines and characters that you cared about.</p>
On Blu-ray, Poltergeist looks and sounds amazing. Word has been oddly quiet about the release, though, perhaps because it is still surprisingly shoddy when it comes to the bonus features. But the lack of documentaries, commentaries and what-not should not deter fans from upgrading to this fantastic hi-def edition.
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I looked under the Specification tab, and it mistakenly says the movie lasts 105 minutes when it actually lasts 114.
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