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I brought a Poloroid TV p32rdp0119u from Asda (UK) with the intention of sodeloading apps on it but for the life of me I can't find anything that shows me how to do this, does anyone know if it is possible to side load apps on a Poloroid TV and if so how? Or should I just plug in a firestick? (returning the TV is not an option as I have lost the receipt)


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There are likely to be very few apps written for whichever OS it uses (Vewd?) that don't appear in the app store. And if you're talking about apps written for a different operating system then they're unlikely to run even if you transfer them to the TV.


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My answer was initially going to be 'highly unlikely' but that was on the presumption that it was an Android TV, based on what you want to do. If that's not the case, then you have zero chance I'm afraid, for the reasons EndlessWaves mentioned above.

I've never tried it personally, but I would imagine something well-supported and widely available like a Fire TV Stick would be your best option.

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