POLL: Has your OLED TV suffered burn in? (NOTE YOUR VOTE WILL BE PUBLIC)

Has your OLED TV suffered burn in?

  • I have a 2019 Panel with burn in.

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Well if a tv can’t cope with 6000 hours a year I’d say it’s pretty poor.My lcd made 14 years ago has done well over 50,000 hours.I gave it to a friend when I got my E7.Imagine my face when my E7 went wrong after 2 years while my 14 year old lcd looks as good as the day I got it and now in its 15th year at my friends.
LG should state the hours of useage then in big letters on the box and tell all retailers to make customers aware they won’t last if you watch them for more than 2000 hours a year.No wonder they don’t cover burn in/pixel wear.What happened to 100,000 hour life span.You imagine a busy family working shifts of say 4 people.That tv could be on from 7am until midnight with days and afternoons and night shift workers so that’s easy 6,000 hours a year.A tv should be able to last 5 years no matter the hours it’s used and anything less is unfit for purpose and a judge would back this up in the small claims court.
It's 100k half life (for 2018 panels), not lifespan. And I haven't really seen any conclusive proof that they can't last several years. Wether you use it 1k hours a year or 6k hours a year is irrelevant. That half life figure is them telling you under normal use that's what you should expect (as an average).

Either way, if they can't last 5 or 6 years of consumer use, LG/Sony/Panny/Philips are all in a sh*t load of trouble :D The class actions in the US alone will be crippling.

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To be honest, I own a Q9FN (Qled) and GZ950 (Oled).
I'm pretty confident my Qled will last longer than my Oled sadly.

As for my Oled lasting 5 years.. No chance. My viewing habits will kill it before then.
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