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I recently stumbled upon a dealer here in Germany who does Polk speakers. I was at a loose end one afternoon while away on business and came across the dealer on a wet Monday as I wandered around wondering what the hell to do. ....

Polk is not a brand I have ever auditioned or even seen before and is one that seems to have passed many of us by. But by god what great speakers. I auditioned the RTI 12 fronts CSI 5 center and the FXI 5 surrounds as well as the Polk sub PSW 505. The dealer had all the time in the world for me. The RTI 12 fronts are imposing beasts at 127.5 cms tall and weigh in at somewhere like the 40kg mark, and need an amp with circa 50 to 500 watts power and are a four way design, great in this case in a cherry finish. in stereo they are just so powerful and were on the end of a pair of NAD 272 power amps. It was so wonderful to feel solid articulate bass that hit you the ribs across all musical genres.They retail at 799 euros each but I think thats a bargain they look, feel and sound so much more pricey.. My Mission 773es look and sound so puney now.

The CSI 5 center was also v good and smoother and more powerful than my Mission 77c1 at home. I found the dialogue in some movies to be a little understated but then I think this was a fault of the fronts which needed to be turned down on the NAD processor.

The fxi 5s surrounds and the 505 sub are also class acts. I have Mission m5ds at home but these FXI surrounds speakers were by far more superior as their sound seemed to emanate from different points in the room .They are also switchable bipole dipole designs.On the negative side they are a bit ugly.

A big surprise was also the quality of the PSW 505 sub. As A B+W asw 675 owner I have never felt shortchanged in the bass dept but this Polk blows it into the weeds inspite of its modest 300 w(on paper) power rating.

Anyway enough said. I was always going to buy something from the M+K range (speakers I revere and covet) as my next upgrade in a years time but these Polks have got me to do me serious alternative thinking.

Check Polk out on www.polkaudio.com. Great website and no I dont work for them.

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I have to agree with what you have said.

I was introduced to the Polk brand by a friend who I met through the forums and I bought his Son's 'old' Polks off him. I have not heard the particular ones that you have mentioned but as you can see i have a full set, apart from the sub.

The speakers, now they have been set up correctly sound really good to me and I have had the pleasure of listening to IanJ's system (M&K and SVS) and initially loved them. On reflection the M&K seem just a tad too bright for me but this could also be attributed to the other equipment he uses. I heard Bobs Polks and ended up buying exactly the same centre speaker that he uses, a real good buy. The Polks are really well made, give a lovely sound with music and also sound great for movies. They are not especially easy to track down in the UK though unfortunately, but if anyone gets a chance to listen, i would recommend they do.
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