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ok so Ive been advised to get a polarising filter for my sony digital video camera for use in the snow, my one concern with this is that I have been told you need to rotate the filter to adjust it to your requirments. I dont know how this can be done when it is nearly impossible to see the LCD screen in the snow and the view finder is black and white. Is there any tricks to achieving this?


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I had the same problem with my digital camera on a recent skiing holiday.
What I did was to take the polarising filter off the camera and hold it up to the light (in my case a sunny outside window), I then rotated the filter and looked for when the scene was at its darkest, this was at 2 points oposite each other, i.e. 1/4 turn on, 1/4 turn off etc.
I then scratched a small mark onto the rim of the filter and then with the filter set to the full polarising effect another across the rotating section of the filter.

Now when taking photo's in the snow with the filter on I just line up the 2 marks and have full polarising effect.

Hope this makes sense and helps:lesson:
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