Polar Express and other anaglyph 3d blurays

Dec 17, 2003
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Really geeky but I re-encoded Polar Express 3d as field sequential and the results are fantastic with nvidia 3d player. It is so good I am going to do all my other anaglyph BDs.

If you are interested I did it this way:

Extract 2d and 3d m2ts files (anydvd)
TS muxer to demux VC1 video and audio (Converted HD audio track to normal)
VC12avi to convert to avi (other non 23.9fps movies need vc1conv.exe too first) Movie is split
Video dub to join the parts into full avi (big file so needs rencoding into Divx)
The 1080p 2d version is the left eye and the 1080p 3d version (after filtering out red) will be the right eye. I used TMPEnc to rencode and filter. I also increased the brighness to compensate for 3d glasses and removed the cyan tint of right eye by making it B&W. I boosted the colour a bit on the 2d version to compensate for monochrome right eye.

The end result is a great field sequential movie. I used two pass on each video @ 5000kbs. The conversion took 5 hours each on a powerful pc. The only draw back is the right eye is monochrome but you really cant tell without closing an eye.

I think it is really worth the effort while wating for more 3d content. I don't whether it can be done using free software.

Good luck!
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